6 Pokémon Powers We Need In Real Life


Our lives would be so much easier if these Pokémon powers were real


Thanks to the release of Pokémon Go and Augmented Reality, fans can finally live out their dreams of becoming Pokémon Masters and capturing Pokémon. While they obviously will never exist outside our phones, we can’t help but wonder what could happen if they did. We'd probably use their superpowers to change reality or make our day-to-day lives a little easier. Here are 6 Pokémon abilities from the Trading Card Game that we wish were real.


1. Elektrik’s Recycled Electricity

Image Caption: [Eelektrik (Noble Victories 40) Illus. MAHOU]


Elektrik’s Dynamotor lets a player reuse spent Electric Energy cards. In the Trading Card Game, this means Elektrik always finds a way to get the needed Energy to power its attacks. In the real world, recycled electricity—even in small doses—would be handy. Imagine your phone’s battery running low and then calling out your buddy Elektrik to recharge it to full in an instant.


2. Gardevoir’s Teleportation

Image Caption: [Gardevoir LV.X (Secret Wonders 131) Illus. Ryo Ueda]


Gardevoir and many other psychic Pokémon are able to Teleport or instantly relocate themselves without having to move. In the video game, it made psychic Pokémon hard to catch, but in the TCG it’s used to make a hasty retreat or tag in a teammate. In the real world, it means getting anywhere fast, avoiding the hellish traffic.


3. Malamar’s Coin Toss Control

Image Caption: [Malamar (XY Promo 58) Illus. 5ban Graphics]


If you always seem to lose coin tosses, then Malamar is the Pokémon for you. With its special power Contrary, it can make sure that the result is always tails (or whichever side you placed your bet on)! Now what you do with a coin that always flips the same way is up to you—just don’t forget to make the call.


4. Blissey Happy Healing

Image Caption: [Blissey (Aquapolis H6) Illus. Naoyo Kimura]


There’s a reason Pokémon Centers are always staffed with Chanseys and Blisseys. That’s because they make the best doctors. With Happy Healing, Blissey can heal all your injuries in a flash—ideal for saving lives in the real world and preventing deadly hospital bills.


5. Blastoise's Rain Dance and Cherrim's Sunny Day

Image Caption: [Blastoise (Base Set 2) Illus. Ken Sugimori]

Image Caption: [Cherrim (Stormfront 14) Illus. Suwama Chiaki]

Rain cramping your style? Well thanks to Pokémon like Blastoise and Cherrim with their Rain Dance or Sunny Day abilities, respectively, they can make the weather adjust to you for a change. Want to replace a hot day with cool and cozy rain? Blastoise can help out. Want to go out in the sun and catch Pokémon? Then Cherrim's your flower.


6. Porygon2's Download

Image Caption: [Porygon2 (Great Encounters 49) Illus. Kent Kanetsuna]


Porygon2’s handy Download ability lets it copy any file from the Internet and use it as its own ability temporarily. It’s a bit like streaming from the internet, but near-instantaneous. Imagine opening up Spotify or Youtube and getting your pal Porygon2 to load up your playlist in a matter of seconds while you just sit back and relax.