Fold It, Hang It, Bin It: Storage Solutions in the Bathroom


Space in the bathroom is always at a premium. Create additional space with these tips


The bathroom is one of the most hardworking spaces in the house. A lot of tasks are being done in one small space by nearly everyone in the house. Designate a spot for bathroom essentials to free more space for people to move easily. Here’s how.


Fold It!


What: Fresh clean bathroom towels

Why: You can stack them together and place them on your shelf.


What: Your dirty clothes (before stashing them in the laundry bag)

Why: Folded clothes occupy less space, and in effect, there’s more space for more clothes inside the bag. 


Hang It!


What: Baskets from towel racks with the use of S-Hooks

Why: This allows you to make use of vertical space in the bathroom. Get S-Hooks from the hardware store and use it on the baskets. In the baskets, you can put just about anything. Just keep in mind the weight limit of the towel rack you got.


What: Your hair dryer, curling iron, and other hair gadgets from hooks

Why: Hanging your electrical gadgets would free some space in the bathroom cabinet or the counter space. It also lessens the chances of them getting wet. Just hang them away from faucets.


What: Towels (on a hook, rather than a towel rack)

Why: If you’re sharing bathroom with a roommate or two, it would be best to hang towels to dry from hooks. Assign one hook for each person so no one takes over more than one.


What: Tiered mesh baskets for your bathroom essentials 

Why: When placed in mesh baskets, bath gels, and shampoos can drip dry.


What: A laundry bag (instead of a basket)

Why: Hang the laundry bag from a hook rather than squeezing it in between the toilet and the sink. This will free up a bit more space on the bathroom floor.


Bin It!


What: Supplies like toilet paper, soap, and toothpaste (Don’t forget to label the bin)

Why: It’s easier to find things. Even if it’s on the top shelf, you don’t need to pick into it to know its contents.


What: Your makeup stash

Why: It frees up bathroom counter space. It’s also easier to get a hold of everything in the morning so you don’t waste time looking for things. And it’s highly unlikely you’ll miss one step of your makeup routine when everything you need is in one bin.