Get Organized With These 4 Apps


Life a complete mess? Get it together with these life-saving apps

Unless you’re really OC, going through every single task for work or thinking about errands for your home can be a challenge. The best advice we’ve ever gotten is to make a list and jot down your tasks as you go along. And with the available technology today, you can do more than just make a simple list. Check out these apps to help you get organized.




For iPhone and Android users, may probably be the best to-do-list app in a sea of productivity apps. has a daily planner, can sync across devices, share your to-dos with your family, friends and even workmates, and you can even attach almost any type of file and view them from any device. Pretty cool, right?


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2 Awesome Note


Awesome Note is just as awesome as it’s name. It’s like having a personal assistant in the palm of your hands. What’s even cooler about Awesome Note is that it can sync with Evernote and Google Drive so you can safe keep or access files and notes anytime anywhere.


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3 Ifttt


Iftt stands for, If this, then that. This smart app connects to other apps and devices to help make life easier and more organized. For example, you can use Ifttt to create events in Google Calendar with a simple tap or catalog important emails from your inbox for you to check.


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4 PushBullet


Another useful app to have for work and even for home, PushBullet can send and receive texts via your computer (Android phone only). This app can also instantly share links between any of your devices and send files like photos between devices.


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