Top 4 Free Video Chat Apps


Whether for business or just to keep tabs on the fam, these video chat apps let you make crisp and clear calls without spending a centavo

Nowadays, keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues via video calls is so much easier thanks to front-facing cameras on our smartphones. Some video chat apps offer more than just simple video calls. You can have group calls, public chats and even play in-app games. Looking for the best one to download? Take your pick from our Top 4.


1 Skype


Free on iOs, Android, and Windows

Skype’s not only for Macs and PCs. It works great on mobile platforms, too. With an estimated 300 million active users, the great-granddaddy of video chat is still going strong since launching in 2003. That user base alone is reason enough to create a Skype account—chances are, this is the app your stateside relatives, current boss and that headhunter who found you on LinkedIn use.


2 ooVoo


Free on iOs, Android, and Windows

Popular video chat app ooVoo integrates with your Facebook account and automatically adds your Facebook friends to your contact list. It allows you to share photo and video messages, chat with up to 12 people at once and even watch YouTube clips with your friends during a video call. Sounds like a party to us!


3 Tango


Free on iOs, Android, and Windows

Tango is a straightforward video chat app that only requires your phone number, email address and first name. Apart from making free calls and messages, you can send stickers in your chats, play games with friends and add filters to your face a la Snapchat while video chatting. You also get a news feed where you can interact with your followers and the people you follow.


4 Google Hangouts


Free on iOs, Android, and Windows

Most, if not all, netizens have Gmail accounts these days, so getting Hangouts is—to quote Star Trek’s Spock—only logical. It comes pre-installed on Android devices. Besides the usual voice or video chat and instant messaging features, Google Hangouts allows screen sharing and public, live-streamed video chats that can be automatically saved to your YouTube channel, in case you have one.