Christmas Party Hangover? Try These Foods!


Try these morning-after meals



With the onset of the holiday season comes the unavoidable wave of Christmas party after Christmas party. Sometimes, however, when you’re so busy celebrating the end of 2016 the night before, you start to regret the headache and queasiness you get the morning after. Like receiving a terrible exchange gift at the office Christmas party or deciding to confess to your office crush, the regret of a night of merry imbibement is hard to erase but worry not, we’ve got the right meals to cure that holiday hangover. Here's a list of the best hangover cures you might not know about:


Peppermint Tea


Peppermint tea is a classic remedy for queasiness, stomach pains and even that bloated feeling you get from feeling full. The sharp refreshing flavor of mint is sure to slice through the thick haze that accompanies a hangover while soothing your upset stomach. You have the added benefit of rehydrating. Now, since it is the season for it, you can’t just drink the tea. You need a fireplace (or a television, or screen with Netflix), some comfy socks and the softest armchair you can find to really sip in seasonal style.


Sunny Side Up


A hangover isn’t directly called by the alcohol itself, but by what’s left when your liver processes the office vodka. The remaining chemical is called acetaldehyde and your body spends its stores of glutathione to break it down, until it runs out before last night’s shots do, thus leaving behind a hangover. Before we apologize for all the science, eggs have the necessary amino acids to finish the job which is why the Easter specialty is on this Christmas list. But if the idea of oily eggs is making you want to regurgitate all the Christmas party food you ate the night before, you can also hard-boil or poach them.


The Fruitcake


Before you flinch, hear us out: fruitcake can be really good for a hangover. The dates and nuts usually baked into a fruitcake are high on potassium, which is one the best cures for the dehydration that causes a hangover. The best part (kind of) is that you’re almost guaranteed to find some in the morning after a Christmas party (because nobody wanted to take it home). Maybe this is the reason people still give fruitcake during Christmas.


BaBaBa BaBanana


Finally, the classic hangover food and possibly the most effective pound-for-pound is the average banana. Just like the nuts in a fruitcake, bananas are brimming with potassium. They even make a better cake. Bananas are also famously nausea and tummy-ache safe, and replace electrolytes lost in case last night’s noche buena ended up in the driveway. There’s sure to be some leftover in the fruit bowl from last night, while all the attention was on the lechon. Delicious, convenient and never unavailable, bananas for a hangover are perhaps the true Christmas miracle.






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