How To Throw A Last Minute Year-End Party


We all just want 2016 to be over, but we feel the need to end it with a major bang!



While 2016 had some definite highs, it also had its fair share of moments when we all just wanted to curl up in bed and wake up in 2017. And because some of us got caught up in the year’s gloomy vibe, we found ourselves coasting in between office Christmas parties and family reunions nursing our drink, forgetting that oh-my-god, it’s almost the New Year! We can finally say goodbye to 2016!!

Make sure you exit it with a bang by throwing an uh-mazing last minute year-end party you and your friends will never forget. Here’s how:



Round Up The Gang on Facebook

Because few people text these days, best to create an event or start a group chat with the core group you want to invite to your party. Besides, everybody replies faster on Facebook. Add a few new faces to keep the party interesting and don't forget to allot plus ones for friends with dates or partners.


If You’re Throwing A Dinner Party

We don't recommend cooking a full holiday spread for last-minute parties. Do pot luck and assign who’s going to bring crowd-favorites, like fried chicken, paella or palabok. This way, if ever you still want to cook, you can focus on perfecting one item to share with friends.


If You’re Throwing A Cocktail Party

You’ll still need some canapés or pulutan to keep everybody’s alcohol levels at bay. Order in, throw the party outside or still do pot luck. As for the booze, you can never go wrong with beer, wine (those Christmas gift baskets really do come in handy!), some hard liquor and mixers. Check out our foolproof cocktail recipes right here.

Also know that as the host, you’re responsible for your guests so make sure to hydrate and keep your buzz light to moderate.


Pick The Party Area

Just because you’re throwing it at your pad doesn’t mean you should make all areas available for your guests. Check confirmed guests add plus 5 just in case those who didn’t respond show up and figure out which areas to hold the festivities in. Is it the dining area, the sala, or the outdoor area? Also assign a guest bathroom so guests know where to go. All the planning will pay off when it's time to tidy up.


It’s All About The Details

Now matter how last minute the party is, make sure to put out some décor to keep the mood festive. A few centerpieces here and there, some additional LED Christmas lights, or gold letter balloons that say Happy New Year should add some holiday cheer into your space.



Knowing What Music To Play When

We all want some Drake or The Weeknd in our party. But if the mood is laidback and chill, and you want to have good conversation over a nice meal or a round of drinks, try This Is: The Christmas Tree playlist for a change:



‘Tis The Season to Dress-Up

Come on, it’s the end of the year and the start of another! Do your hair, put on some make up and dress up! Better yet, put a theme to your party. We’ve heard of ugly Christmas sweaters theme, DIY costume party with prizes to entice the whole gang and a Great Gatsby theme. The possibilities are endless!


Something To Warm The Tummy

There will always be that one person who’s had one too many to drink, so best be prepared with some hangover cures or at least some coffee or tea.



Now that wasn't too hard wasn't it?






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