What To Do With An Unwanted Gift


Because there’s always that one gift. That’s. Just. Not. You



Christmas parties are the best! It is the most wonderful time of the year to rekindle ties with family and friends, pig out and not feel an ounce of guilt, have fun and show the people we love how much we care about them through carefully thought out presents. But there’s always that chance you’ll get a gift from a very dear but kooky friend or relative that you don’t like/won’t use/just not your personality. So what do you do?



Store It

We’re pretty sure the giver put some thought in your gift. Otherwise, he or she wouldn’t have gone through the process of selecting and wrapping your present. If it happens to be a(nother) coffee mug, store it. Besides, you’ll never know when that trusty tumbler might break.


Donate It

So you got a tacky top or a daster…Remember it’s the thought that counts, so do your best to smile and say thank you. Then decide if it’s wearable even as pantulog. If not, then by all means, donate it.


Re-Gift It

There’s always that tita who likes to gift you with “practical” things, like a box of handkerchiefs or plain white socks. Great if you’re going to use them, but if they’re just going to collect dust at the back of your closet then consider re-gifting it to someone who might actually find them useful. But keep in mind the following:


    1.    Re-gift in different circles

    Because you don’t want your tita to see that somebody else in the fam is using the     gift she gave you.


    Also, make sure to keep the receiver’s taste/needs in mind. Perhaps the handkerchief     can be useful to a pamangkin from the other side of the family who commutes to     school while the socks can be for a guy friend who always seems to lose a pair in the     laundry.


    2.    Always check the box

    A re-gifted present with a personal note from the original giver leaves a bad taste in     one’s mouth. Be sure to check all sides of the box, even the inside to be safe.


    3.    Never give a used gift

    Come on, it’s Christmas. If you get a used gift or you’re having doubts about its     newness, break the cycle by donating or retiring the item.



What would you do :

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