What, Where, Why: Your Modem And Its Location Is Everything


We list down possible reasons behind your Wi-Filessness



Very few people know this, but where you put your modem matters. Connection dropped out unexpectedly? Netflix still buffering on 10 Mbps? Been staring at the wheel of death? That ain’t right. If you got the right plan (Haven’t yet? Shop for an Internet plan just for you) and you’ve tried out our hacks to get faster Internet, then it could be a modem location issue.



What You Might Not Know.

According to experts, there’s a right and wrong way to set up your modem, like setting it up in that inconspicuous corner (because wires!) of your home is not ideal. Why? Because concrete or brick walls absorb radiation. Remember, the thicker the wall, the weaker the signal on the other side.


Here’s What You Can Do.

Best to put your modem in the central location of your home. For two-story homes, best to mount it at the second floor. Why? Radio waves generally spread out and travel towards the ground, not up.


Keep It Out Of The Kitchen.

The kitchen is home to many metal objects and appliances that emit same-frequency radiation, like microwaves. According to Huffpost, “Metal dissipates electromagnetic energy quite efficiently,” while microwaves “disrupt your signal” because, again, same-frequency radiation.


That Antenna.


It’s there for a reason. Pivot your antenna upwards if you’re trying to spread the signal horizontally. But if you’re trying to broadcast signal between floors, position it horizontally. Now if your antenna is detachable, consider finding a better, more compatible antenna to enhance your signal further.



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