It's a Girl's Car : 5 Ways to Keep it Clutter-Free

Whether it's a long road trip to the beach or sitting in Metro Manila traffic, we spend a lot of our time in our vehicles! Waze statistic suggest that the average length of commute in Manila is 45 minutes. With so much time shared with our cars, it is just right that we give it some tender loving care, not just on the outside but also on the inside! Here are five helpful tips for keeping your car neat and organized!


Create a command center in your glove box.

Get hold of a file envelope and stash every important document in there like a photocopy of the car’s title, car registration receipt, insurance papers, and even the number of the shop that delivers car batteries. When it’s all there, place the file envelope in your glove box. Just in case of an emergency – knock on wood! – everything is instantly within reach. 



Store your loose change in a gum bottle.

Collect all your coins and place them all in a gum bottle. Instead of jiggling in every nook in your car, all your loose change will be kept in one place where you could easily take them out. This would come really handy when you need to pay for parking or give the “watch your car” boy a tip.


Keep your beauty aid kit in a plastic food container.

With the morning rush jam getting worse every day, it makes sense to some women to put on makeup while in transit. To easily transition from driving to make-up application and vice-versa, stash your beauty essentials in a plastic box rather than a little makeup bag. With a box, it’s easy to reach for your blush without having to rummage for it and it’s easy to just chuck it in when it’s time to go to first gear.


Hang your reusable bags with a carabiner hook.

Though some of us might already have a place to keep our reusable bags in the car, it’s still very probable for us to forget that they’re there when we shop. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. To avoid this from happening, hang these reusable bags on a hook so you’ll remember to take them with you when it’s time to go shopping.


Use a plastic cereal or rice dispenser as a rubbish bin.

Keep your car trash-free by throwing your garbage in a small rubbish bin. You can use old plastic cereal containers or rice dispensers since they're slim and sturdy—just what you need in the car. They’ll fit in between seats and they’re unlikely to tumble over. Line the dispenser with a plastic or garbage bag for easy disposal.