Ready. Set. Download. Go!


Wander the world with these essential travel apps to keep your journey smooth and your destination unforgettable  


Travel books, city maps, dictionaries, booking documents, and tourist flyers are travel essentials you now have the option to just virtually pack with you to save space in your travel bag. With just a smarthphone in hand, you may navigate your way through cities smoothly; get the best (and cheapest!) flights and accommodations in a swipe, and pin down hotspots for shopping, dining, and recreation. Now isn’t heading out to see the world just got more exciting? Download these apps—stat!


Navigation: Waze 


If you’re looking to getting to your destination the fastest, most convenient way possible. Also, Waze allows it users to report traffic jams, road closures and accidents, police visibility, and provides voice prompt so you can drive without burying your head on the phone. Safety first! 


Transport: Uber


A ride-sharing app that allows you to book a car from point A to point B in most cities in the world! But the best part about Uber is always its cashless transaction and its safety feature, where car and driver details are emailed to you or can be sent to your fellow Uber users.


Hotspots: TripAdvisor 


For honest reviews, latest trends, cheapest flights and accommodation, TripAdvisor practically covers your whole itinerary. It’s a virtual hub for globetrotters so expect to see raw reactions from frequent travellers—no sugar-coating hullabaloos, which is just what you need to know, right?


Language: Duolingo


A trip abroad is always extra exciting, but usually requires more effort from your end, especially if you’re flying to a non-English-speaking land. Time to brush up on your foreign lingo skills with the help of this language learning app, which has over 70 million users around the world. It won’t turn you into an expert, but it will teach you the basics of different languages to narrow language barrier. Bueno!


Documenting: VSCO


Having a hard time curating your online feed? Download and register to VSCO and create your own look, shutterbug. Your travel photos deserve to be seen and remembered in its sharpest, most vibrant state. You would want to something good to look back on, don’t you? 


Schedules: SkyScanner


It’s a global search engine that helps you find the cheapest options on air, while directing you to the cheapest options for hotel transfers, accommodations, and car rentals. Everything is well documented and sent to your email so no need to worry about bogus transactions!