5 Must-Haves to Organize Your Workspace


Discover how optimization is the key to an efficient workstation


We spend most of our waking hours in the work place, trying to earn a living. Even if we do love our jobs, there are times when it could be trying. Lessen the stress of working by having an organized workstation. Here are five must-haves to create a system that optimizes your space and – who knows – may lessen the anxiety of facing Monday Morning.


1 Landing Area

Dedicate a space where could stash your things the second you arrive at your workspace. Plop down your bag, lunchbox, and water bottle there. Doing so would free much needed space on your desk for the things you’ll need to work on. 



2 Inbox Tray

Get yourself a tray for your incoming paperwork and letters so they wouldn’t be all over the place. Just imagine the horror of losing a super important document! Besides, having an inbox tray minimizes the stress of arriving at your desk and seeing a haphazard stack tucked under your keyboard.  


3 Labels

You think this is quite obvious, but how many of us really do label our folders, drawers, and boxes? When your head is on your work, it takes a bit longer to remember where things are stored. Cut the processing time and find things at a glance with the help of labels. 



4 Filing System

Have a filing system (for both your hard and soft documents) that actually works for you. The keywords being, “that actually works for you.” You could opt for the old-school folders or the one file envelope for your physical documents. Or, use color-coded folders for your digital ones. 



5 Board

This is your command center. It should feature your monthly calendar and the to-do list for the day. This way, you’ll see everything in a glance and never miss a meeting or a deadline. Chalkboard or whiteboard, it doesn’t matter. Choose one that works for you.


Don’t Forget!


Mobile Phone Station

Nowadays, the mobile phone is all – phone, computer, watch, and whatever an app has turned it into. This means that your phone should always be in sight and must never run out of juice. Dedicate a space next to your computer screen for a mobile stand and a charger, then park your phone there once you sit down at your desk and start the day.