Life Hacks : Making the Most of Your Messaging Apps

Use these messaging apps and save yourself a tidy bundle


Filipinos love texting. Indeed, the Philippines was, at one point, tagged the text capital of the world for the sheer volume of text messages we managed to rack up. With the availability of free internet access in most public places, however, more and more people are switching to free messaging apps. These allow Filipinos to indulge in their texting habits without costing them a peso for every message. The amount of savings varies from user to user, but of course, the first task is to subscribe to these messaging apps, which are mostly free.


Facebook Messenger:


Because most of your friends are in Facebook, using this dedicated messaging app is a no-brainer. Apart from messages, you can also send photos, videos, and other attachments through Facebook Messenger, and do voice and video calls as well. You can also form chat groups from the different subsets of your Facebook friends.


PlayStation Messages: 


Want to know who's up for a game tonight? Check out who's online through PlayStation Messages, and see exactly what they're playing. Plus, you can send text and voice messages, and photos and stickers, too. 




For quite some time, Skype was the app to have. It became very popular among Filipinos because, of course, we all had relatives abroad. Skype allowed us to keep in touch with each and every one of them through voice and video calls, for free! Later on, we discovered its instant messaging system, letting us dispatch text and photos to fellow Skype users. We can send video messages, too.




If you're the paranoid someone-is-watching-me type, then this mobile messaging app is for you. Its chat messages are encrypted, and its secure chat mode has end-to-end encryption so only you and your recipient can read the message. And if you feel like doing a Mission: Impossible, you can set your messages to self-destruct. Pretty cool, right?




This messaging app is fast gaining popularity as it uses your phone number as your login, and helps you find Viber-using friends on your address book. Apart from text messages, you can also send out emoticons, photos, and stickers as well as voice and video messages to your Viber friends.




Aside from the messaging, call, and group chat features, WeChat also has cute additionals including Shake, which lets you chat with a random person, and Friend Radar, which shows people within 1000 meters.