Life Hacks : Making Your Photo More Instagram-Worthy



Thanks to smart phones and a plethora of photo editing apps, it’s now very easy to instantly shoot and share your travel snaps with family and friends. But don’t just settle for ordinary photos; keep these four tips in mind to get lots of “Likes.”


1 Make the most of your phone’s features.

Spend a couple of minutes tinkering with your phone’s camera settings like filters: beauty mode for selfies, nighttime shooting for snaps after sunset, continuous shooting for fast-moving objects. Toggle the exposure to adjust the darkness or lightness of your subject, and adjust the white balance to get a more accurate color cast—not too yellow, not too blue.


2 Pick a subject.

Don’t point your phone camera at just about anything. Choose a subject—the colorful row of boats docked on the shore, a local carrying his wares to the market, the pretty details of a quaint restaurant—and make sure to focus on that so that your IG followers will know what you’re “talking about” in your photo. If you want to amp up your IG game, try to think of a theme for your travel photos. For instance, you’re in Vietnam, which is the world’s second largest coffee exporter. Why not compose a visual diary that showcases anything related to coffee? That way, your IG feed becomes more engaging, and not just a grid of cliché photos.   


3 Composition is key.

So you’ve already zeroed in on a subject. Next: find a good composition—it’s how the elements and details in your photo are composed to create one cohesive image. For instance, if you’re photographing a vertical subject, frame it vertically to show its height and details. You may also use the rule of thirds by placing the subject off-center (for instance, when photographing the horizon, place it on the bottom third of the frame to avoid visually cutting the photo in half). Include interesting details in the scene you see, like leading lines (a zigzag road or a winding river) to “lead” the eyes of your viewer to scan the whole photo. Remember: bad composition, no matter how interesting the subject is, will ruin the whole photograph.


4 Maximize photo editing apps.

Subject—check! Composition—check! Now that those things are out of the way, it’s time to do a bit of photo editing. There are dozens of free photo editing apps our there to help you achieve a fantastic snap (the more popular ones are VSCO and Snapseed). And while it’s tempting to apply all the features these apps offer, edit your photos with restraint. Stick to one app and opt for a filter that will enhance your photo without making it look unnatural. Also, keep to just one filter so that when your followers skim through your IG feed, your photos will look neat and consistent no matter the variety of subjects.


Now go, jet set, and shoot!