Life Hacks : Pack Light, Pack Right


Head out to more adventures ready and steady with these packing hacks for a weekend trip.


When you’ve finally found the time and budget to make that weekend trip happen, make sure you’re prepared with the essentials to make it fun and memorable. But in order to travel fast and far, you have to travel light. Be picky with what you bring, and you won’t need extra weight on your shoulders in order to see the world. Here, we list tips on how to pack easy and efficiently.


Make a list

Categorize your travel essentials into these: clothes and shoes, toiletries and emergency kit, entertainment and recreation, and food. It will seem like a daunting task, but it’s effective in weeding out unnecessary weight. When packing, order is key. Dumping anything your hand touches in your closet to your luggage will result to mess and excess!


Spill-proof and waterproof 

Line your luggage with plastic (or put them in!) to avoid damped clothes should you encounter rain or any underwater accident. For your toiletries and electronics, make sure you have them in air-tight containers or zip-top bags to avoid spillage.


Roll it  

Not only does rolling save space, it also spares your clothes wrinkles, so you’ll be ready to rock a shirt even after over 10 hours in transit! Also, to save time, mix and match clothing items and roll them together so you won’t have to panic at which items to wear to what event or activity. For fragile items you are checking in, roll them in your towel or place them in between rolls of clothes.




Whether bringing a luggage-on-wheels or a carry-on, always put bulky and heavy items on the bottom. This will ease pulling your luggage as the weight is distributed down the wheels. For carry-ons, this will prevent wrinkling your clothes or crumpling your documents.


Weigh all the way

Keep liquid toiletries, cosmetics, and fragrances at 120mL to prevent confiscation at the airport. Make sure to leave weight allowance upon departure to your destination so you won’t have to worry about excess luggages filled with souvenirs!


Bag a bag

Bring a knapsack where you can put your essentials. This will be your buddy upon arriving to your destination. Keep it light and durable so you can shoo in a bottle of water, shopping items, and a camera. 



Locked and labeled

You practically have your life in a bag right now, so you would want to keep it safe all the time. Secure your luggages with padlocks and keep the keys in your knapsack or purse. To cut waiting time by the luggage claim area, tie ribbons in your preferred bright colors so it’s easier to spot what’s yours.


Carry a purse

Put in all important documents like transportation tickets, IDs or passport, money, luggage keys, gadgets, hotel keys, and anything else you know you can’t leave without.