Life Hacks : 5 Must-Sync Files on Your Phone


Sync these 5 important things from your phone to your laptop


Usually, you switch from one gadget to another during the course of the day, working or playing on either your smartphone or laptop whenever and wherever it's convenient. Keeping your data in sync across your devices is thus extremely important to ensure unfettered mobility. Here, some of the stuff you should sync from your phone to your laptop ASAP!


1 Photos

Most smartphones are equipped with superb cameras, so you probably use these to take loads of photos for your album and your Instagram account. However, your smartphone has a limited storage capacity, so it's best to copy your photos on your laptop pronto. This way, you can keep the ones you like best, and dump the ones you like least on your phone knowing that you still have copies of them. One of the worst things that can happen to a shutterbug is to see an insufficient storage space message when he's in the middle of a thoroughly Instagrammable moment.


2 Videos

Here's another thing you probably like doing with your phone: take videos! It's the next best thing to taking photos, and again those videos must be synced to your laptop whenever you find the time. You'll never know when you might encounter issues with your phone, so you'd want a backup of the videos of your travel adventures and milestone occasions.


3 Notes

Writing notes to yourself on your phone—whether they're to do lists, wild ideas, motivational quotes, or random reminders—is something that most phone users do. But because of the many pieces of data on your phone and its small size, there is a tendency to forget or misplace these little scraps of digital info. Subscribing to a service which can be accessed through multiple devices is the key to ensure your digital bursts of inspiration is given due attention.


4 Audio files

If you're a journalist, student, researcher, blogger, or communication professional, then your phone's audio recorder must be one of your best friends; next to the camera, that is. Again, it's best to sync your audio files to your laptop as soon as possible not only for your peace of mind, but also as a backup file which you can revisit months or years later.


5 Assorted documents

Word documents and PDF files which you downloaded or text and images which you shot on screen should also be synced to your laptop immediately so that you can process them accordingly. These you can add to your research notes of an ongoing project or placed on the trash bin if you have no future use for them.