Life Hacks : Ways to Score the Best Airfare


Discover your dream destinations with this budget-friendly tips and tricks


Gone are the days when flying to travel is just a dream. Now it has become available to more people with the regular flow of budget airfares. The task now lies in scoring that promotion along with a sea of backpackers and frequent travelers. Ready to hop on that plane? Let’s round up the ways you can do so in the cheapest, smartest ways possible.


Mark your calendar

…not during holidays, in summer break, or just the weekend. Keep your schedule flexible so you can travel on weekdays and off-peak seasons, where flights are cheaper. Also, your flight time is crucial. Taking the earliest flight in and latest flight out is usually a smart move to lower expenses.


Take a detour

Direct flights are almost always more expensive. Try considering taking the train, or a PUV from the airport to your destination, and you might be surprised at how much you can cut travel costs.


Keep on the lookout

If you are quite the traveler, subscribe to airline newsletters and keep your information tabbed on the website so you will just have to click away when the clock hits midnight. Most promo airfares are only available in a short period of time, so you would want to be one of the first to book flights.


Be a member

Avail of airlines’ membership cards so you can earn points every time you travel. It will usually take a while to earn enough points for a free flight, but no matter the waiting time, a free flight will always be a treat!


Consult an agency

If you’re looking for insider tips, your go-to is always a travel agency. While this might cost you a little more than when you book your own flights and plan your itinerary, this will save you the hassle of having to wait online or applying for a credit card.


Mix and match

If you decide not to take that (expensive) direct flight, source other airlines for more affordable connecting flights. That way, you will see your options in pricing, time of flights, and flight freebies, like meal provisions and cargo allowance.


Read through

Promo announcements are overwhelming and exciting, sure, but make sure to read through the Terms and Conditions page to avoid surcharges, especially if you are making an online credit card transaction. Go for the promo flights that read “All-in.”


Pack light, sit tight

Additional costs usually come from preferred seats and extra cargo allowance. If you don’t see the need for those, make sure to tick off those options when booking flights online. Also, if the airline allows, pack snacks you can munch while in-flight.