Paano Ba Yumaman? Here’s How


Easy, moneymaking tips for the millennial



Don’t you wish we could have even a quarter of Mark Zuckerburg’s genius or a sliver of Warren Buffet’s business acumen? If we did, we’d all be sitting on a pile of dough, wondering where to put our money. Ah yes, that is the life. But what many of us forget is that these people weren’t born rich. They’re self-made billionaires who worked hard to build their empire. So, how to be like Zuckerburg or Buffet? Start small. And by small, we mean use what you already have and know, and see how you can earn from it. Besides, we’re millennials. Being entrepreneurial is in our DNA.


1.     Start a blog

You might think, ‘but everybody’s doing it’ or ‘I’m shy to take pictures of myself.’ Yes, everybody has a blog or is a social media influencer these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of the pie. Find your niche and share it to the world wide web. Aspiring to be a chef? Take pictures of your home cooked meals or share life hacks in the kitchen. Have a great sense of style? Don’t be shy! Document how you’ve managed to make that ukay find look expensive or unbox that pair of shoes you just bought from a new local label. If you’re passionate about what you do, the world is bound to take notice and brand’s will soon be asking you to feature their stuff on your website.


Photo via Rob Wormley


2.    Download and use apps you can earn money from

We love fun, free apps as much as the next guy or gal, but what we love more? Apps that pay you for using them! There are a lot to choose from, but here’s what we recommend:


Surveys On The Go

An app that collects user opinions for the use of big corporations, political campaign managers, etc.

How much you’ll get: $0.25 to $5



All you need to do is watch videos and scan barcodes

How much you’ll get: Points and gift cards for and cool gadgets


ESPN Streak for the Cash

For this app, you’ve got to be good at predicting who’s going to win in the app’s featured games and try to get the longest winning streak

How much you’ll get: As much as $50,000 for the monthly grand prize    




3.    Buy and sell online

Have stuff at home you no longer use? Sell them online! There are many platforms to choose from, like, and You can sell almost anything, from used gadgets to clothes—just make sure the items are still in good condition. Otherwise, toss ‘em out. You can also start your own via Facebook groups or Marketplace, or simply join one. We tried our hand at it and were able to sell a pair of barely used designer shoes in minutes! Pro-tip: Make sure to take good photos to entice customers. Also, lighting is everything!

Another way to earn is through buying vintage, refurbishing the item and then re-selling.


Facebook Marketplace


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