Social Media Hacks That'll Turn You Into A Master



Maximize how you use social media and beyond with these simple tips


Engaging in social media has undoubtedly become a part of our daily routine. It takes up a lot of our free time but there is always a way to be more efficient with the time we spend stalking our friends. With the internet’s many possibilities, it comes as no surprise that there are ways to utilize social media in better ways without compromising our enjoyment. Check out our tips below:



The very first thing you have to do to be social media savvy is use a dashboard for your accounts. There are many out there but one of our favorites is Tweetdeck for Twitter. It turns the simple one-column format of twitter into a full screen of every feed you need: from your tweets, your mentions, your messages and even link multiple twitter accounts if you own them. It can even schedule tweets for you in advance, in case you’re the kind of person that has thematic pre-planned tweets. If Twitter is what you use to keep on top of everything that’s happening with your friends and the world, Tweetdeck is going to be your frontpage.


Going Incognito

Going incognito on your browser has a lot of uses for social media, some that you may not even be aware of. You can log in with multiple accounts through Incognito mode. You can check what your Facebook looks like to the public Incognito. You can view LinkedIn profiles without notifying them. Even in booking flights (airlines charge you less in Incognito) to Google searches (Google tailors the results to your search history), making your search private has its uses. The best use of Incognito, however, is when using a public computer and ensuring that your passwords are not stored for the next person to find.


Productivity Tools

We have a lot of apps open at a time that we switch back and forth, sometimes just to share the same thing. Productivity tools like If This, Then That (IFTTT) (  save your time by triggering actions from other apps when you do a certain action. From posting the same content on all social platforms to getting a text about the weather, IFTTT helps you manage your social media well without breaking a sweat.


In fact, we already have a list of handy commands for you to start with.


Security Checkups

Social media is fun, but the biggest concern that you should be aware of when engaging in social media is security. Being secure online means not only saving yourself from hacking and the like, but also protecting yourself from the very platforms that you use. Routinely visit the activity log and log in history to check what your account has been doing. You might just save yourself from embarrassment—or worse, you might not know it but someone has already been accessing your account without you knowing. Security checkups are the best way to catch the culprit (if any, but hopefully none) before any bigger damage can be done.



Another feature that is becoming more widespread when it comes to social media security is encryption. Some messages are definitely meant to be seen just by the people you send it to. And with peer-to-peer encryption, a feature in messaging apps, which Messenger recently added, ensures a more private exchanges online. Conversations can be limited to only one device and can even include a time limit for the messages you send and receive.






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