4 Unexpected Life Lessons We Can Learn from True Memoirs of An International Assassin


Because we can learn from the mistakes of others, too


Funny man Kevin James stars as Sam Larson in Netflix’s upcoming action-comedy movie, True Memoirs of An International Assassin. The story follows the humdrum life of an accountant turned novice author whose high-octane fictional tale gets published as nonfiction thanks to his ambitious publisher. Thus after being mistaken for a real assassin, a hilarious and life-threatening chase ensues—all the way to Venezuela. Here’s what we can all learn from Sam:


1. Drop the mic is not the same as drop the gun

In case you don’t know what a mic drop is, it’s used to express bold confidence after, say an awesome performance or after you’ve delivered an impressive argument. It’s not wise, however, to apply this to real life situations, like a shootout. Yes, even after you’ve knocked out the bad guys. Never drop the gun or you could get blown up in pieces.


2. The best things in life should happen to you, not your alter ego

Social media has a way of making our lives so much prettier than it actually is in real life. So much so that sometimes, we get caught up in the hype we’ve created for ourselves. Though this is not the case in the movie, where Sam Larson’s alter ego assassin led to a larger-than-life adventure, this line from the film is a good reminder to always keep it real.


3. Beware of loopholes

Sam never meant to mislead people or an elite group of bad guys. But he didn’t realize that his request for his publisher to not to change a word in his book was filled with loopholes and would change his life forever. Sure, she didn’t change a word, but she added one—“true” to Sam’s original title, Memoirs of An International Assassin—that changed its context completely. Our advice? Cover all your bases, always read the fine print and have access to a good lawyer!


4. Never bring a knife to a gun fight

Don’t expect the worst from people, but be prepared for whatever kind of scenario. In the movie, Sam thought he had a hostage situation under control because he had a gun. He didn’t, however, anticipate that the bad guy would bring a knife and actually use it—at a gunfight. Lesson learned: always be prepared.



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