7 of the Most Creative Resumes Ever Submitted


The kind of company that accepts any of these is the kind of company you want to be in


1. Kelly Weihs’ Wise Choice

Photo via Behance


They say the trick to landing a job is to stand out from the rest of the applicants. If you want to take that advice to a whole new level, why not get your foot in the door as early as the resume collection period.


2. Melissa Washin And Her Machine-Washable CVs

Photo via Flickr


People sometimes forget that the point of a resume is for an employer to get to know you to see if you’ll be a good fit for the company. We’ve got to hand it to Melissa—both her personality and her strongest suit stand out in this.


3. It’s His Resume


People want straightforward and honest? Well this is straightforward and honest. While your average HR representative will be turned off by this, the kind of company that can appreciate the insight and bravery behind this kind of dry humor is probably the one you’d prefer anyway.


4. Lukas Yla’s Delicious Proposal


This stunt has been making the social media rounds recently but the gist is that Lukas decided to get his resumes to where they needed to be by delivering boxes of donuts. It’s surely a great way to make sure your resume doesn’t just end up in the middle of a pile. The donuts just sweeten the deal.


5. The Confident Resume

Photo via Twitter


Many employers are looking for confidence. There is, however, such a thing as too much. Still, if we were hiring and saw this kind of resume, we’d hold whomever wrote it accountable for every outlandish boast. Worst-case scenario is he gets fired for making false claims. Best-case is he turns out to be every bit the super employee he makes himself out to be.


6. Hagan Blount’s Infographic Resumes


If you find yourself inspired by any of these examples but don’t have the skills to bring your vision to life, Hagan Blount is the guy you need to contact. The man got so good at making his resume creative, he decided to turn it into a business and now he designs creative resumes for other people. Now that's a clever way to get work off of an outrageous resume.


7. Greg Dizzia’s Dizzying CV

We get it, if you have a resume like this, you’re creative and have an appreciation for graphs. The problem is that the resume is suddenly a burden to interpret. Why are you obfuscating information you want to show off? Still, plus points for effort, and for sure there is a graphs-heavy line of work out there where this kind of resume will be appreciated.






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