Goals Every Squad Should Have


The squad that does everything together, stays together


Every squad should have goals—fun goals, serious goals, goals that make you and your squad better friends and individuals. Besides, it takes more than pretty pictures to be a #squadgoal.


1. Stay Fit


Living life in hyper speed makes it a challenge to stay fit and healthy. Why hit the gym when you can clock in an extra hour of rest? Make exercise fun and do it with friends! Sign up for yoga, run a marathon or take dance lessons together. This will encourage you and your squad to show up, stay fit and slaaay.


2.  Friends Who Brunch


There’s nothing better than sharing a good meal with some good company, whether for brunch or any other meal! Discover the best new burger + beers place in town or make that quaint café your new hangout.


3. Do Something New


Squad activities are important. It’s a time to discover new things, make memories and connect with friends on a fun but deeper level. Conquer your fear of heights and learn to fly at Flying Trapeze, channel your inner Katniss Everdeen and test your aim at an archery studio, or learn the art of Kravmaga or self-defense.


4. Spa Time


Because traffic and work, work, work, work, work. Make time for some much needed girl time to get your nails done, book a massage or what have you. Your squad deserves it.


5. Get Social


Social media is how we stay connected with friends and the rest of the world. Discover new things and be the first to share with the squad…and, you know, indulge in a little stalkfest from time to time (we all do it anyway). See how mutual friends are doing or check out somebody’s new somebody. Come on, it’s fun!


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