iMessage Just Got an Extreme Makeover on iOS 10


Secret messages, automatic emojis and other features you didn’t know about


The release of the iPhone 7 definitely got some Apple fanatics excited. But what got us all pumped up was the new iMessage in iOS10. Apple is seriously leveling up its instant messaging service game with these impressive new features.


Handwritten Notes

According to Apple, users can now send messages in their own handwriting and watch it animate. Stylus not needed! 



Full-Screen Animations

Fill your screen with new animations—fireworks, flying balloons, lasers and disco lights. You can now literally make sparks fly between you and the person you’re talking to! 



Invisible Ink

Build up emotions of big revelations with invisible ink messages. Imagine the face of your friend or loved one when he swipes and reads about your big news!



Emojify It

iMessage is now able to intelligently emojify text as you write it. The same saying holds true with emojis and pictures—they’re both worth a thousand words! 



Sticker mania

Say what you feel better with stickers, like a major food craving from Sushi or edit your thoughts with GrammarSnob. Check out the iMessage App Store to see what else you can stick on your messages. 


The verdict: Can’t-live-without

When to use it: Always!



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