Millennials Are The Problem


In the voice of a non-millennial, written by a millennial to point up the vicious cycle of generational conflict


Who is to blame for our messed up world?


You. You, millennials are the problem. Everything was okay until you showed up with your smartphones, vaping and your inability to stop chasing your  dreams.


I mean, how hard can it be to be young? There’s not much to worry about apart from school, peer pressure and taking the right OOTD. Yes, education is expensive but it’s not you paying for school. Expectations are unreasonable because every generation believes the youth is the future. Competition for jobs and money is difficult as it had always been. And terrorism? Yes, it’s terrifying but you weren’t born at a time where people had to witness and live through real horror.


The world sure seems uncertain to a young millennial who have yet to make a name for him or herself. But you guys have it easy.


You don’t know hardship like we do, working ourselves to the ground, allowing ourselves to be enslaved by nine-to-five corporate jobs and saving every bit of spare change we can—for our future, we say to ourselves. Millennials, on the other hand, are always looking for a different kind of change. Jobs seem dispoable to you and you quit the moment you feel bored or unhappy. You don’t do more  than what is expected or do anything outside your job description and yet you think you deserve a promotion. Sure, you’ve got talent, have passion and produce really good output from time to time. But so does everybody else. In fact, living up to your beefed up resume and meeting expectations are what employers expect of you.


No. You have to go through what we did: clock in and out for the next 20 years, working for a company we only like because it pays good money and has good benefits. No. You’re not allowed to have it easy because we didn’t.


Find some grit, kid.


And another thing: why are millennials whining all the time on social media? It’s just a daily six-hour commute to and from where you live. It’s not our fault we didn’t think to police industrial, commercial and residential zones properly. We were too busy starting businesses you now enjoy. Besides, our buildings were built first. So, you adjust.


Why should we compromise? This is still our world. We’ve taken everything we can from it to give to you. So use it! Chop down those trees, flatten mountains, maximize your usage of natural resources. Because we grew rich from that. You’ll grow rich, too.


Sustainable living, after all, is a myth. There’s enough of everything to go around. Look at us! We haven’t run out yet, right? Be merry, young one. The future is still far off for you, just like it was for us!


There’s no need to stick your nose into things that doesn’t yet concern you. Why so excited to disrupt business industries, science and politics? We’re still doing a good job and we’ve got it all under control.


Just busy yourselves with your gadgets and your gizmos. Keep your noses on those screens. Come to think of it, I think the internet is a strange and confusing place. Those electronics will eventually explode. But never mind, these are your playthings and if they will keep you busy, so be it. We adults have a world to run anyway.


My generation grew the economy. We may not have really known what we were doing but we did our best. Our elders were narrow-minded and thought they had already solved everything for us, but our fresh eyes saw a brighter future they couldn’t. They may not have believed in us then—calling us selfish and spoiled—but we did what we had to, we did what felt like was right to fix the war-torn and economically-weak world we inherited.


You do not understand. Capitalism was the solution to our plateauing industries. How could we have known it would produce a warped Wall Street? Oil was cheap and easy to use. It fueled transportation that connected us to different worlds. How could we have known we were harming the environment? We didn’t have the same tools you now have—tools made possible by our manufacturing, by the way.


Perhaps we are hypocrites. Maybe we are blaming you for something we started. But we’ve staked our entire lives on the world you are about to inherit. Please don’t make light of our efforts. We couldn’t have known better—we honestly thought we did. Same as you, really.


If we can’t do better, then it’s too late now because we’re on the way out. You millennials may be a pain to deal with let alone be around with, but I wish you luck. Whatever you think of the world you live in, our work in shaping it is nearly done. The most important thing we can leave you is this: hindsight. And it’s all you will be able to leave the generation after you as well.


You’ll understand when you’re older. Then, I guess, it will be your problem.






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