These Kickstarter Projects Could Change Our Lives-Forever


We’re starting to feel like we’re already living in the future!



Moore’s Law predicts that computer processing power doubles every two years, but it is also used more generally to refer to the exponential speed at which technology advances. As new discoveries are made and more are enabled,  we get to where we are today where something new is being cooked up every single day. With the staggering number of inventions and the ease at which they can be funded now, it’s likely a few will change our lives in a big way in just a few years (much like the smartphone did). If you’re interested in these projects, feel free to help fund them on Kickstarter.



1. The GeoOrbital Wheel

They say you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel but maybe improving it is fine. Introducing the GeoOrbital Wheel, a battery-powered wheel that can convert your mundane bicycle into an e-bike. All you need to do is replace the front wheel of your bike with the GeoOrbital Wheel and voila! No hands and pedals, ma! The advantages are that you don’t need to buy a whole new electric bicycle, which happens to be heavier and clunkier than a regular bike.



2. M+D Crutch

This invention revolutionizes the classic crutches the world has used for nearly a hundred years. While regular crutches have helped people with disability the entire time they’ve been around, they’re still just the bare minimum of what could be done to aid those people. The M+D Crutch changes the nature of support by leveraging the user’s elbows instead of armpits. They allow more comfort as well as larger range of motion.



3. KAZbrella

Umbrellas are useful but so unwieldy. Closing them when entering cars or buildings still gets you unavoidably wet due to the way that the umbrella folds inwards when closing. Through simple but ingenious modifications, it can now close outwards thanks to KAZbrella. This means no more dripping, easier stowing and overall, an improved rainy day. Everybody wins.



4. GoTouch

Screens are everywhere nowadays but in offices and classrooms, they still haven’t been able to displace the classic whiteboard and chalkboard. GoTouch is bound to be the catalyst for that change by turning any screen or projector into a surface where you can draw on like a whiteboard. This is significant because traditional boards use waste-producing resources. Writing on a screen, on the other hand, only uses up little electricity.



5. SproutsIO: Smart Microgarden

This invention might save your life someday during, say, a natural disaster, when food becomes scarce, or a zombie apocalypse dawns upon us. SproutsIO is an adaptive program that empowers the user to grow their own food, even with no experience and no green thumb. This is a habit that hopefully takes off in the next few years to reduce dependence on cancer-causing processed foods and promote sustainable living.







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