5 Life Hacks HTGAWM Taught Us About Criminal Law


These might save your life!


If there’s anything we’ve learned from watching Annalise Keating and her band of handpicked students (now on its third season!), it’s that those who know the law know also know how to work their way around it. We’re talking about all sorts of crimes—fraud, arson and of course, murder. It’s entertaining to watch but that’s the kind of drama we’d like to keep out of our lives. Here are some tips to do just that, and avoid accidentally getting yourself caught up in a  web of lies and intrigue.


1. Practice Good Hygiene

This is an easy one if you’re already a neat freak. Avoid touching items unnecessarily, and regularly wash your hands with soap and running water. Carry alcohol and tissue paper to wipe off tools and surfaces that you have been in contact with. The idea here is to remove any traces of your DNA that people might find in a crime scene. Even without that factoring in, it’s just a generally good idea to keep your hands clean.


2. Keep Your Mouth Shut

Like Frank in the show, you’re best off not telling anyone about anything you did that might raise some eyebrows. This goes for face-to-face interactions and social media, and be especially careful about the latter. Whatever you’re sharing to the public might get you implicated. That means your Facebook posts, your tweets, even your Tinder profile. Remember your online profile is public information about you that you are willingly advertising.


3. Don’t Randomly Agree

Sometimes a friend will ask you for a favor and be unwilling to divulge details. As important as it is to help out a friend in need, if you don’t know all the facts you might be getting yourself into something you didn’t know you agreed to. If the friend is truly a friend and needs your help bad enough, letting you in on exactly what’s wrong shouldn’t be an issue.


4. Lawyer Up

If people in the States utter “I invoke the Fifth,” meaning their Fifth Amendment Rights, when they get questioned by the law, we can use “I invoke my right against self-incrimination.” Keep quiet and get a lawyer ASAP. You don’t want to say anything in front of anyone accusing you without any legal counsel of your own. What you can say can be used against you, so it’s better to say nothing at all. This can sometimes feel like it isn’t even an option in this country, but just knowing your rights can cause a lot of aggressive policemen to hit the pause button when attempting to accuse you of something.


5. Live A Good Life

If anything, the ultimate lesson of How To Get Away With Murder is to be a good person. Don’t do drugs as you’ll be an easy target to discredit. Don’t be heavy on flashy accessories that you might accidentally drop in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Don’t go making unnecessary enemies. It’s not just about having a clear conscience either—a strong conscience also means you’re sure about what you’ve done and haven’t done, and you won’t be caught accidentally feeling guilty about something you had nothing to do with. Lying, after all, is not necessary when you can simply tell the truth well.