6 Signs It Might Be Time To Break Up


Because love is blind, sometimes we need help (and some music) to see the truth  



Breakup season has hit hard and it’s torn many relationship goals like Brangelina, leaving our dreams of eternal bliss shattered (now playing saddest song ever: One Last Cry). It was “the day love died,” many said on social media. And while we’re just as heartbroken as any other Brangelina fan, we realized that breakups are sometimes necessary. Yes, despite the agonizing pain it will inflict upon you. But better now than later though, right?



You’ve Been Thinking About How Life Would Be Like Without Him or Her

If you’ve had thoughts like this too often, even when you guys aren’t fighting, then that’s your subconscious telling you that the relationship has run its course.


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…Because You Guys Aren’t on the Same Page

Having different priorities have negative implications on a relationship (read: Angelina Jolie divorces Brad Pitt due to irreconcilable differences). On a regular human level, let’s say you want to get married and your partner doesn’t, or he wants kids and you don’t. These are serious issues you’d want to address if you want to take your relationship to the next level.


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He or She Cheated

We’re firm believers of second chances, but we’re still conflicted when it comes to cheating. Was it emotional or physical, a one-time thing or a full-blown years-long affair? Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. But if it’s a serial cheating problem, don’t take comfort in “You’ll always be number one.” It’s not the same as being the only one.


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He or She Breaks Up With You All The Time

Inevitably, the honeymoon phase fizzles out, and you and the bae start fighting about everything. But if in every bout, he or she breaks up with you then calls back to make up and say ‘I love you,’ then it might be time to call it quits for good. Besides, do you really want to stay with someone who bails on you every time things get tough? Nah.


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He or She is Emotionally or Physically Abusive

Hitting you that one time was not an accident. Shaming you, whether in private or in public, was not a slip of the tongue. It’s a peek into your sad and miserable future life if you stay. Get help and get out now.


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He or She Can’t Tell People Yet You Guys Are Together

Many times, this applies to gay couples, with one closeted and the other out and proud. If you can handle being introduced as the “friend,” then okay. But if it’s not for you and you want to live in the now, holding hands in public, then best to have that talk.


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Breakups are part of life. It sucks, we know. But don't stay just because you can’t stand the single life. Stay because you want to. Otherwise, trust your gut and do what's best for you. We won't be there to hold your hand through it, but there's always that playlist to help you air out your feels.