Level Up Your Musical.ly Game


Because you probably have the app on your phone by now


If you’re obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat, and once joined the Dubsmash craze (we all did!), then you’re probably a muser (musical.ly user) by now. But maybe not yet as savvy as the entire teen population on the app. So for your sake and those who DON’T have it yet, here’s the lowdown on musical.ly, and some tips and tricks from the teenaged pros.


So what is Musical.ly?

It’s a social video networking app that allows users to create cool 15 second music infused videos, connect with other equally awesome users, musicians and celebrities, and join social network challenges. What makes it more fun? The combination of video effects, i.e., Slow motion or Time Lapse and lip sync voice overs.


Watch: Ariana Grande on musical.ly


How to use it?

Easy! Launch the app, choose a song with a good beat and trim to the part of the song you want to perform (look for the scissors icon). Then choose a mode: Epic, Slow, Normal, Fast and Time Lapse. Most Musers use Fast and cite Time Lapse—the super slow and trippy mode—as the hardest to use. Now start shooting!


Watch: Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are on musical.ly


Time to level up!

So you have the basics down pat. How do you level up like these muser stars?


Watch: Top 3 Users on musical.ly


We took notes from Baby Ariel, the most followed Muser with 7 million followers in less than a year, and so far this is what we’ve got:


1. Good lighting is everything—“Do it in front of a lamp or outside light.”

2. Hand motions—Are important! Take tips from the muser star or just do what feels natural to you.

3. Hand-eye coordination is crucial—Apart from the hand that’s doing all the “dancing,” the other hand needs to be moving towards the same direction, further from and towards you.

4. Multiple cuts—If you’re really committed to producing creative, original and entertaining content then combine multiple clips to create a unique story. What's even more awesome, musical.ly now allows users to merge up to 4 videos to create a 60-second feature!  

5. Keep practicing—Of course, you won't get it right the first few times. But keep trying cause your videos could look just as creative as this:


Watch: Caleon Twins on musical.ly


I’m an expert. What now?

Put your game face on and join a challenge. Jason Derulo’s Get Ugly Challenge is one of the most entertaining we’ve watched so far!



And yes, you can totally ask someone else to hold your phone as you bust a move!



We’re working on some original moves now, too. See you on the app! Or if you don’t have it yet, know that the FOMO is real. Download it on the App Store or Google Play. For iPhone 5 and 5C users, developers of the app discourage upgrading to iOS 10 for now due to unforeseen issues. Otherwise, you won't be able to join in on the musical.ly fun.