Podcasts That Will Make You Almost Love Your Commute


These podcasts will turn those lost hours into entertainment instead


It’s a sad truth that most of us lose precious hours from commuting through Manila traffic. But with a pair of earphones (or headphones, whichever you prefer) and a Spotify account, those hours won’t be wasted. These edutaining—educational and entertaining—podcasts will be the silver lining of your dreary commute.


Welcome to Night Vale

The town of Night Vale may be fictional, but no real-world radio broadcast is as engrossing as radio host and main character of the show, Cecil. Created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor in 2012, this radio show about the uncanny happenings in Night Vale has found a large online fan base for its humor, lovecraftian surrealism and inventive storytelling. Catch up on all the episodes so you can reference the show and get your friends to listen to it, too. All hail the Glow Cloud!


The Nerdist Podcast

It’s 2016 and geek culture is king. If you love comic books, games and science then consider this show, hosted by Chris Hardwick, as mandatory. Even if you’re only half geek or less, the show features a new celebrity guest every episode and the conversations are always funny or at least interesting—even to neo nerds. Start on any episode you want and we promise you won’t be able to stop listening to it.


Death, Sex & Money

Anna Sale interviews celebrities, experts and everyday people about topics, “We think about a lot but need to talk about more.” These include comedians’ salaries, real couples who have to deal with mental illness and what it’s like to almost die. The topics are almost always controversial and usually left out of polite conversation, but Sale leads her interviewees so that the end result is becomes a casual matter-of-fact yet deeply enlightening exchange. It’s real talk you need to hear.


Mystery Show

Every episode, Starlee Kine embarks on a journey to solve a seemingly mundane mystery. She interviews, surveys and hunts to answer questions that  just can’t be found on Google and no one has the answer to yet. Along the way, it might stop being about the mystery as Kine’s investigation often leads her to learn more about people, places and philosophical questions. Mystery Show only has six episodes but each one is delightful, compelling and will catch you off-guard with its thoughtfulness.


Surprisingly Awesome

One thing that’s sure to break the monotony of your commute is a podcast about finding the incredible in the most boring topics. In this podcast, Adam Davidson and Adam McKay take turns choosing a mundane topic, and then try to get the other person interested by revealing as many awesome things about it as possible. After watching this show, you’ll know more than you ever thought you needed to know about flossing, broccoli, concrete and other boring things.