How To Best Curate Your Instagram Stories


The once-dubbed Snapchat copycat has turned us into believers



When Instagram Stories was launched last year, there were some users that dubbed it a failed Snapchat copycat. It did exactly what Snapchat did—until it started to do more. The feature is now widely used among all generations and we have some tips on how to best take advantage of it. 



Don’t fear the stickers

Instagram has given us a wide range of stickers to choose from and they change fairly often. So give your Stories a new look by choosing the ones most relevant to your video. Use multiple ones and place them all over the screen—just don’t overdo it. People will be too busy looking at the stickers that the might miss out on the actual video. Remember, you only have 30 seconds!


Play with the pen tips and text types

To make the entire clip more personal, physically write your message and play with the pen tips. Or if you’re handwriting-shy, then just play with the different text formats. Bold, italicize, underline and block as you see fit!



Unlock the rainbow

At first glance, it looks as if Instagram Stories only have a handful of colors to choose from in terms of text. But the truth is that there are countless options available. Impress everyone with a unique color by holding down on the icon and choosing one of your own.


Size matters

If you want it as a complement, make your text and your stickers small. If you want it to be a statement on its own, go for the big guns. You can also use sizing to draw attention to certain part of your video. The options and uses are virtually endless!



Boomerang is the answer

Boomerang is incredibly popular right now, and we understand why. It makes the simplest videos fun, quirky and funny to watch. So when you don’t know what to do and you’re questioning your choices, the answer is simple: Boomerang.