Survive The Summer Heat; Here’s How


Here’s how to cool down without cranking up your spending



When you aren’t at the beach, the heat is really just a nuisance you want to get rid of. Which is why when summer hits, electric bills normally skyrocket. We spend so much on air-conditioning, whether it’s through direct use or for killing time at the mall. Fortunately for our wallets, there are cheaper ways to cool down. 



Alternative Cooling Pads

Sounds weird, but you can actually freeze some rice and use it as a cooling pad. Just seal it in bag or even a sock if you’re feeling thrifty. Just stick it in the freezer for an hour or so, and it’ll stay chilly for around 30 minutes. It isn’t an all-day fix, but you’ll be thankful when those hot afternoons hit.


Embrace The Dark

Turn off all the lights when they aren’t needed, because they do generate heat no matter how miniscule you might think it is. Go the extra step and unplug everything that you don’t use on a daily basis, too. Because even if they aren’t on, they’re still using electricity and producing heat. 



Keep It Low

Heat rises, so the closest you are to the ground, the cooler you’re going to feel. If you live in a house that’s more than one story, stay on the lowest level to keep yourself away from the heat. Sometimes all it takes to get some comfort is heading down the stairs.


Know Your Cool Points

There are certain parts of the body that bring the cold to everything else. So if you need a quick fix, press something cool on your inner wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind your knees. You’ll start to feel relief elsewhere soon after. You can also dip your toes in some cold water—why do you think it feels great to put our feet in the pool on a hot day?



Be Smart With Your Styling

This probably goes without saying, but fabrics can either be your worst nightmare or your best friend. Opt for breathable material like cotton to keep yourself comfortable and sweat-free, as opposed to stiff and thick fabrics. You want your clothes to embrace the occasional wind, not block it. 







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