#FTW: 10 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Life


New year, new clothes, and new opportunities to upgrade our lives and live better!



Tired of the same old routine? Feeling exhausted when you have't done much? If you're feeling unmotivated, or worse, unhappy, it might be time to make some changes. And there's no better time to do it than now. After all, we're only in the early first quarter of 2017.


Start small, take it one step a time and try one or all of these hacks to spice up your life!


Be one with nature

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Whether you're planning to take a hike or travel to the beach, know that spending some time with the Mother Nature helps reduce (even eliminate) stress. It can also get those creative juices flowing, improve your memory, and make you a more positive person.


Do that thing you’ve always wanted to try


It’s never too late to try something new or do something you’ve always wanted to do. Stop waiting, stop planning and just do it already!


Drop everything and read

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Complement physical activities with some mental stimulation: read a book. You'll learn a thing or two while giving yourself much needed time away from reality. Keep the vibe positive and read something off of the fiction shelves or the graphic novel section.


Quit being fake


Stop devoting time on making changes to please others. Make that change for yourself because you want to be the best version of yourself. Cut fake friends while you're it because you don't need people showing you #fakelove anyway.


Exercise every day

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Aside from amazing health benefits, regular exercise makes you happier, samrter and feel good about yourself.


Start small and take a walk around the neighborhood or taking the stairs instead of the lift at work. Once your body has adjusted to all that physical effort you've been making, sign up for a class that interests you. Boxing or yoga anyone?


Give compliments


Receiving compliments is a nice feelings. What's even better? Making other people feel good with genuine compliments. Tell your mom she looks good with her new haircut or tell that waiter from your favorite restaurant that he's awesome. So go ahead and make someone's day.


Organize your things


Get your life organized and start with your things. De-clutter your home and work space, and get rid of items you don't need, so you can make room for new and better things. 


Make a playlist for every activity

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Make a playlist for your early morning run, daily commute, or a before and after school/office jam. It will help lift the mood, especially when you've had long, hard day.


Download that Workout playlist on Spotify or sing along to the Chillax playlist whenever you need to kick back and you know, relax.


Plan those days (and nights) out


Make use of that planner you painstakingly collected stickers for. Planning your down time ahead from work or school makes it easier to get through the week. Use it as motivation to do more and finish whatever needs to get done soon as possible.


Talk to people more often, whenever or wherever you are

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With most of our lives spent online, staying in touch with loved ones and people in general have never been more important. Give mom a call, send a friend a miss-you message or follow a random person on Twitter and make new friends. And having to do all these at once is one less thing to think about with postpaid plans that fit your lifestyle.



Try these tips and make 2017 an awesome year!






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