Improve Your Luck This Year of the Rooster


Because we’ll do what it takes to make 2017 a better year 



This year marks the year of the Fire Rooster (a time for transformation some experts say) or people born in 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017. Roosters are believed to be trustworthy, hardworking, strong at timekeeping, career-driven and good at multitasking. 2017 is also particularly lucky for the Rooster’s friends or its most compatible signs, Ox, Snake and Dragon. But just because you weren’t born under those signs, it doesn’t mean your luck will dip this year. That said we give you a no-nonsense guide to improving your overall luck.


Tidy Up

Astrology, Tarot and Feng Shui expert Susan Levitt advises all signs to make an effort to de-clutter and tidy up before leaving the home or the office, especially before the weekend. This promotes good health and good luck because the Rooster favors a clean, safe and secure living space.

To bring in further luck this Chinese New Year, make sure to clean your entry space or front door. Wash, sweep and vacuum, and make this area well lit and inviting. Throw in a new rug while you’re at it.


Manage Your Finances

This is the year to pay attention to what you spend and save (how’s that 52 Week Challenge coming along?). Priortize paying off debt if any before spending on frivolous things. If you’re going to upgrade your wardrobe, do so wisely. For those who want to travel, it’s a fortunate time to do so but remember to find the best deals. Besides, there’s no shame in promo fares or flying economy!


Play With Colors

Complement the fiery Rooster by adding the right colors to your home. Have ivory white walls? That represents too much of the Metal element and could lead to a lot of arguing and bickering. Add some calming blues or greens to diffuse stark whites. Follow the color guide below to help you out:


Red in the Living Room—Add bright accents of red or purple to stimulate activity and conversation

Earthy Tones in the Dining—Gold, terra cota or similar shades in the dining helps with good digestion

Creamy Soft Colors in the Bedroom—Ensure the place of sleep is restful and color your room white or with soft pastels

Light Blue in the Bathroom—Promote peaceful elimination and soothing bathing with soft blues

Woody Hues in the Kitchen—Introduce the Wood element in this area to feed the proverbial fire in the kitchen. Add touches of green or put a small plant in your cooking area to do so


Flora & Fauna

Decorate your home with fresh flowers and plants just in time for the New Year to bring in fresh aroma and welcome abundance this year. Flowers considered lucky are orchids, lilies and peonies, while bamboo is recommended for the outdoors because they grow strong and long. Note that the year’s lucky florals are gladiola, cockscomb and impatiens.


Just Add Water

If the energy of the Fire Rooster proves too much, introduce a bit of Water element into your home for some much needed calm. A fish tank or small fountain will do. But remember to always keep it clean!


Wear the Rooster

Serious about making sure your luck is good all year? Wear a Rooster charm to diffuse disadvantages that may come your way.


Stay Positive

As the year of the Rooster is filled with energy and passion, it’s best to welcome the New Year and the days ahead with a positive state of mind. The occasional downs may come your way, but try to see the silver lining in everything.



Happy Chinese New Year!







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