New Year’s Resolutions We All Need To Make

Because there’s no better time to make that change than now



2016 had many of us whipped and we ached for a clean slate. And now that the new year has come, it comes with infinite possibilities to create change and do things differently. So write down those (realistic) goals and resolutions, mind map them if it helps and commit to it. Change isn’t coming; change is now.



Stop Complaining About Being Single

So you broke up with your boyfriend some three years ago and you’re still single. Meanwhile, everybody on your feed is posting their pre-nup videos or results of their baby's ultrasound. So what? Don’t give in to family or societal pressures that dictate you need to find a boyfriend, get married and have three kids.


But if on the other hand it’s just you who really wants to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend but have been unlucky on Tinder, maybe it’s time to take a step back and focus on doing you. Enjoy being unattached for now, do things on your own, savor those wild and free moments, save up for your future, travel the world…and who knows, when you stop trying so hard to find love, it might just find you.


Mandatory Social Media Detox

This side of the millennium, our personal and professional lives have become so deeply intertwined with social media i.e., invites to family reunions are sent via Facebook, important work reminders are on Viber, photos from the clan’s holiday beach trip or office parties are shared all over social media. We’re so virtually connected that we can’t even look up when having a conversation with someone. So this year, make the effort to switch off: get off your phone—at least for a few hours or a day in the week—and live a little. Because hard as it is to believe, there's life outside of Facebook.


Set Real Relationship Goals

While we’re all big fans of #relationshipgoals or #couplegoals like Barry and Michelle Obama or Bianca and JC Intal, we need to set goals that apply to the relationship we’re in. So instead of thinking about the couple sneakers you want to get this year or wishing your boyfriend could afford to pay for nice dinner on the next date night (;)), focus on why you want to achieve those goals, i.e., save up money for all your couple needs.


Why not take on the 52 Week Money Challenge together or encourage your bae to find other ways to make money instead of just waiting for the next job to come by? This way, your focus is not on material things but on building a future, and growing as individuals and as a couple.



Wouldn’t Hurt To Be Nice

In the world wide web, everybody has something to say. What's more, we’ve become especially good at pointing out flaws in other people’s photos or errors in their grammar. It's like we take pleasure in the mistakes and misery of others. As in the wake of Mariah’s lip sync fail at the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performance, social media exploded with scathing insults that regular people like us wouldn’t be able to handle. Let 2017 different. Let it be the year that you make nice off- and online. And remember, if you having nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.


Stop It With The Sexy Selfies

It’s nice to flaunt what your momma gave you from time to time, just like how Pia Wurtzbach and rumored bae Marlon Stockinger did in Hawaii. Or sometimes it just feels too good to show off how much weight you’ve lost. If you really must share, share with caution, keep those vital parts covered and leave the world's daily dose of sexy to obscene selfies to the queens of Instagram.







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