A Millennial’s Starter Pack for Concerts and Music Festivals


Stress-free fun fest, guaranteed



When it comes to having fun, millennials have a go-to guide for almost any activity. With more than half of concert and music festival attendees being millennials, these starter pack essentials will ensure that nothing can dampen your experience—even the rain!


A Fashionable Fanny Pack

Your arms will no doubt be in the air whilst dancing or belting out the lyrics, so a stylish fanny pack will definitely free you from any discomfort while adding flair to your outfit. Plus, it is quite a hassle to store personal items prior to entering the venue. Accelerate your entrance in order to get in a more essential line: the line to the bar.



And for that fanny pack…


A Portable Charger

Some music festivals and concerts will anticipate your tech needs and have charging stations. But if you want to avoid long lines or reduce the possibility of getting stomped on by other concert goers who need to recharge stat! then cleverly pack a slim portable charger or power bank so you can simultaneously charge and capture your experience without missing a beat.


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A Rain Poncho

The weather may turn suddenly. Or the sweat coming off your kind dancing neighbors may also feel like rain (eew). A rain poncho can also double as a makeshift mat for the ground, because carrying an actual mat around a music festival doesn’t really make for a pleasant experience.



Cleaning Essentials

You will most likely need to use the port-a-potty or a cramped communal bathroom once during your outing, so packs of tissue (preferably wet ones!) will come in handy. Also, as the millennial gen loves to look out after its health, packing hand sanitizer will help you feel a little cleaner.


Now all you need to do is put on your dancing shoes!