These Work Desks Are Serious Goals


Spruce up your workspace but keep it profesh!


Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration to keep them going, especially at work. Add a bit of color here and there or some greenery to balance out the sterile feel of the office. It also serves as nice reminder that our job is but part of who we are but doesn’t necessarily define us. So here, we give you our #workdeskgoals



Theme: Black and white


This should be an easy goal to tick off your list if your aesthetic is clean and classic. Step it up with a few pieces of art or photos in the same stark combination.


Theme: Hipster


Your current work desk plus some greenery, earthy brown accessories and a cup of coffee.


Theme: Millennial


Just like your feed, you need filters (in this case colors) in similar shades to tie the look together. Think #monochrome


Theme: Golden


Add a touch of glam to your workspace with gold accents and splashes of white. Fresh or paper flowers in a small vase are also welcome additions.



While a bit of personalization never hurt anyone and can actually do wonders for your state of mind, always remember to still keep your desk professional. Have fun!