Online Shopping Hacks: How to Get the Best Deals


Online shopping hacks for the shopaholic



Trust us, with these hacks, you can shop all you want and never go broke.


1. Shop in incognito mode

When online shopping, remember this: Incognito mode is your best friend.


You know those ads that sorta hound you after you've checked a certain item from a store? It won't disappear until you make a purchase, so...go incognito. It will protect you and your browsing habits from website cookies, which sweetly track your online behavior and serve you those ads. Make sure to switch it on before you go shopping.


2. Search for rewards programs

May advantage card po kayo?” This type of shopping rewards strategy is also applicable to the online world. So why not shop at a store that offers or has a corresponding loyalty program for its new and loyal customers? It's a win-win!


3. Follow and promote brands on social media

If you’re on a following spree, be sure to follow brands you’re eyeing to get updates on special discounts, coupon codes and promos. In online shopping, every like, tweet and share counts, so be sure to maximize this hack. Who knows, you might get a shout out or better yet, a gift from your favorite store!


4. Download helpful apps

Mobile apps are lifesavers, or rather, online shopping savers.


A simple browse at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store can save you a lot of time and money calculating your purchases and savings. Some apps offer shopping list organziers, price checkers and discounts upon installation, which means another win-win!


5. Leave your shopping cart waiting

Once you get your shopping cart filled, don’t mark it just yet for check out. Sometimes, online retailers will send you an email, offering your chosen items at discounted rates. As they say, good things come to those who wait. And it's never been truer than in this situation.


6. Read user reviews

Perhaps the only tricky part about online shopping is that you won’t be able to see and feel the product IRL until you make the purchase. So read product reviews before hitting the check out button. Sharing your own reviews will also help a great deal. Just make sure to share honest and objective reviews. And please, no cursing or shaming.


7. Pinpoint “Happy Hours”

According to eCommerce sites, Monday mornings and Wednesdays are the usual happy hours. But it varies per brand and store, so it’s important to stay connected and in the loop. Follow them on social media or sign up for a newsletter.


8. Shop on the best websites

Research is crucial when online shopping. When verifying a particular store, check their social media networks (it should be updated and active), reviews, accreditation and verification logos, and purchase terms and policies. Give plus points if they offer free shipping and great customer service.



So, keep calm and start shopping!






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