Style Hacks: Dos And Don’ts Of Looking Taller


For those girls that weren’t vertically blessed.


In a world that idolizes height, it’s hard to be living in a small frame. Shelves have to be climbed, fences cannot be looked over, and clothes never seem to fit just right. But while it may be a little too late to down some growth medicine, there are other ways to cheat appearing taller.


DO: Pick one color

Looking taller is all about creating that line throughout your body, and one genius way to do so is to wear a monochrome outfit. The eye will not cut you off and you’ll look longer than you really are. 



DO: Wear vertical stripes

Speaking of lines, you can be completely upfront about it too. Pants and skirts that have a vertical striped print works wonders for making your legs look model-long.


DO: Wear pointed shoes

This does not just apply to heels. Even when you want to give your feet a rest, a pointed toe is the way to go. It will create the illusion of longer legs. So ditch those sandals and round-toe footwear.


DO: Opt for something high-waist

Again, this is all about adding inches to your stems. Wearing something high-waist will add those necessary inches to your body. 



DO: Draw attention upwards

Another trick is to pull the attention to your face instead of your body. To do this, wear something that has a V-neck cut – it’ll make your torso look leaner and longer.


DON’T: Wear thick belts

In general, belts tend to cut anyone off, and thick belts are just a no-no for shorter people. If you need to wear a belt, opt for a slim one that will blend in with your outfit seamlessly. 


DON’T: Sport flat hair

Having some curls might not be a popular opinion, but it actually adds height to girls. But if you don’t have those luscious locks, then opt for a top knot instead. 



DON’T: Bring around oversized bags

If your frame is already small, you need to do everything to show it off. An oversized bag is just going to block your entire body – you’ll literally disappear behind it.


DON’T: Forget proportion

Let’s face it, the world was not made for short people, which is why clothes tend to be too long or too wide or too something. So find a good tailor and don’t forget to be a good customer.


DON’T: Wear chunky accessories

Instead of wearing thick necklaces, opt for some long hanging ones. In general, petite girls have shorter necks, and you need to help this counter this.