Summer Hacks For Staying Carefree At The Beach


These will make the beach even more enjoyable



Most people love the beach, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our complaints about them. Fortunately, the human race is a resourceful one and it has conjured up some beach cheats that are effective and easy to do.


Use a fitted sheet to keep the sand out.

Sure, the sand is part of why we go to the beach, but there are just times when we want to keep it at bay. One genius way to do this is to use a fitted sheet. Just keep the corners up with whatever else you’ve brought along, like a cooler or a beach bag. You can then lounge without the fear of getting hit by the sand. 



Baby powder solves everything.

Of course, keeping the sand out is only useful when you don’t bring it in yourself. A quick way to get rid of sand is to rub some baby powder on your legs and feet. The powder will absorb the moisture and you can scrape the sand right off!



Four words: Aloe vera ice cubes.

For some quick and lasting relief, rub some aloe vera ice cubes on your sunburns. The cold will feel great and the aloe vera will still do its job to work on your pain. They’re very simple to make, too. All you have to do is mix some water with aloe vera gel (get as close to natural as you can get), put them in ice cube trays and voila!



Flip your flip-flops.

The sand can get really hot and one way out of the struggle is to put on your flip-flops. The thing is, these can sometimes get hot, too, especially when you’ve spent an hour or so in the water. And while shadows normally help, they might not always be available and they never stay put. So instead, keep your slippers upside down and effectively keep them cool.



Towel pockets.

This might take a bit of creativity and sewing-knowhow, but it’ll be worth it. All you have to do is fold the bottom of an oversized beach towel and sew divisions to create pockets. You can use them to properly store your items without the frustration of having to rummage through your bags all the time. Plus, the items will help hold down your towel, too.