21 Holiday Songs To Blast On Your Car Stereo


And sing out loud to. Because Christmas and 90s vibes



While many Filipinos choose to spend the holidays in their ancestral homes, some of us have decided to break (just a little) from tradition. Warm, cozy homes adorned with glittering Christmas lights and parols, bonding with the cousins over generously buttered bibingka, exchanging gifts by the Christmas tree have always been the norm. But spending it out of town, like the beach, are becoming more and more popular. In any case you and your fam are starting a new tradition and are traveling over the long-awaited break, here are 21 songs to blast on your car stereo as you make your way to your holiday destination.


The 90s are indeed back with a vengeance with old school favorites TLC, R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, Destiny’s Child and many more ruling this playlist and lending their unique flavor to Christmas classics. Pop and R&B artists Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber also join the lineup with smooth tunes to accompany long drives or endless kwentuhan in the backseat. This and divas to belt out with from the playlist that will keep you going all Christmas-long:







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