The Low Down On Taylor Swift’s Sexual Assault Case & Why It’s A Big Deal


She was never going to get anything from it



There’s been a lot of talk about Taylor Swift and David Mueller recently. It’s been a lot of back and forth so the news has gotten a little confusing—but here’s everything you need to know.


Here are the narratives

In 2013, Taylor’s security team accused David, who was then a radio personality for 98.5 KYGO in Denver, of inappropriately grabbing the then-23-year-old’s rear during a photo op. David was subsequently fired.


According to Taylor, David’s hand went up her dress and onto her bum. The singer said she tried to wiggle around but that his hand stayed firmly planted where it was. “It was completely intentional,” she said. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”


On the other hand, David said that it was inevitable that he and Taylor get into physical contact. “Our hands touched and our arms touched,” he testified. He also added that he could have touched her “rib cage, or rib or ribs.”



Taylor was sued first

David was the first to sue first in 2015, claiming that he was fired from his job and lost other business opportunities because of Swift’s allegations. He even said that it was his former boss, Eddie Haskell, who had groped Taylor.


Taylor countersued later that year and reportedly demanded a jury trial. The countersuit noted that it would prove that “Mueller alone was the perpetrator.”


She’s after nothing but the truth

David sued Taylor for US$3 million (P153 million) for allegedly costing him jobs and pportunities. Taylor countersued for just US$1 (P53 million), simply determined to play things out and prove she isn’t scared to back down from her truth. She filed her own case to “serve as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts.”



Her testimony

During the trial last week, Taylor was questioned for more than an hour. In that time, David’s lawyer Gabe McFarland pointed out that Taylor could have taken a break during the event if she was so bothered by it. He then went on to question why the photo (a sealed court document) showed her skirt was perfectly in place if David’s hand was under it. The attorney even questioned why Taylor was not more critical of her security during the event. Why hadn’t she demanded action at the time?


In a courtroom filled with people trying to make her out to be a liar, Taylor stuck with her story. Over and over again, she stated that David had inappropriately grabbed her. Without missing a beat, she met every intended doubt with certainty.



Several reports have called Taylor’s testimony an arrogant one. Others have praised her bravery. You be the judge on which she falls under.


Here’s what’s coming up

On Friday evening, US District Judge William Martinez threw out David’s case against Taylor. He cited insufficient evidence that Taylor herself had caused him to lose his job. David admitted that he lost or destroyed electronic devices that could have held key evidence.


This week, the court will continue to discuss David’s claims that Taylor’s mother and radio promotions representative got him fired. Taylor’s claim of assault and battery will also proceed.