The *NSYNC Reunion: Is It Actually Going To Happen?


Are the boys back or are they just playing with our hearts?



Over the weekend, news broke that the *NSYNC reunion of our dreams would finally become a reality after more than a decade of separation and watching old music videos on loop. Member Lance Bass went on the record to state that all the boys—himself, JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Christ Kirkpatrick and Joey Patone—will be getting together before the year ends.


“We just have to decide on a date,” Lance told Entertainment Tonight. “We’re terrible at planning things. We’re five guys, so for us to make a decision about anything is really hard, so we just need to do it. So hopefully maybe around Christmastime. It’ll be fun to see everyone again.”



To the hopeful ear, it definitely sounds like a reunion and some new music, but the sad truth is that Lance’s statement is open to interpretation. And the even sadder truth is that there will be no reunion tour or any new music to add to the classic roster of *NSYNC. But there are reasons behind Lance’s statement and they might just be enough to settle our broken hearts.


First, the boys are finally going to get their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. All the boys are expected to make the unveiling so there will a reunion of sorts. The second is that the boys are releasing a special vinyl edition of their Christmas album Home for Christmas. The special release is in celebration of the original record’s 20th anniversary.


The official account of *NSYNC confirmed that if there is any news pertaining to the band, that the news will come from all the boys themselves. Lance also went on his Twitter account to clarify that there are “no plans of making any new music or tour.”



These are painful truths to accept, but we have no choice. The boys are, however, reportedly always in contact with each other, so the possibility of a true *NSYNC reunion is not that farfetched #HopefulThinking. And until that happens, we will just have to play the below videos on repeat.  







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