Ansel Elgort Can Sing! Whuuuut?


The Divergent star is more than just a pretty face



You know his name and you definitely know his face. After all, he did star alongside Shailene Woodly in one of the more popular chic flicks of its generation: The Fault In Our Stars. Whether or not you read the book, there’s no going around how Ansel worked his magic in bringing Augustus Waters to life.


But we’re here to talk about something else. A slightly-hidden talent that we’re going to embrace with open arms. People, Ansel Elgort can sing.



He’s been working on You Can Count On Me for eight years now; he first started working on the lyrics and piano chords in high school. However, the track recently received a new hook and Ansel even recruited the help of rapper Logic to help him finish it. The track was released earlier this month and the 23-year-old admitted that the song is finally how he had always imagined it.


“I [remember] that when I had written the first version of the track, I wanted a rapper on one of the verses,” he said in an interview with WENN. “Working with Logic was a blast.”



Logic and Ansel have worked on other tracks together as well. The actor lent his vocals on Killing Spree, which can be heard on Logic’s newest album, Everybody. Other than that, Ansel’s worked on several covers and a particularly noteworthy one is City Of Stars. He gives the modern classic a heartfelt go in the video below. The result is an emotional rendition that we honestly wish lasted longer.



You can listen to more of Ansel’s tracks on Spotify. Get it with Globe.