What You Need to Prepare for The Chainsmokers Concert This Week


We’re ready for the “Memories…Do Not Open” tour!



The Grammy award-winning DJ duo returns to Manila for the sixth leg of their “Memories…Do Not Open” tour in Asia.



Set to be one of the biggest EDM events of the year, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are bringing their a-game in an hour and a half of explosive production numbers, sick beats and crowd-pleasing favorites, old and new. And how timely: “Memories…Do Not Open” just went platinum.


As you gear up for a high-energy evening with The Chainsmokers, some things to keep in mind:


1. Don’t forget to bring some form of identification (since alcohol will be sold in the concert)—just in case you look that young



2. Don’t forget your concert passes (obviously, so you can get in.)



3. Cameras won’t be allowed inside the venue, but you can opt for miniature, action cameras (like a GoPro if you have one)


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4. Meanwhile, you can upgrade your camera phone experience with the Gudak photography app, which mimics gorgeous analog photos.


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5. Carry smaller bills to make purchasing drinks, water, food, merchandise and other transactions easier.



6. Bring a powerbank just in case your phone runs out of juice.



7. Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the evening (also to keep the alcohol in your system at bay).