Charting: Our Favorite EXO Dance Videos


Moves you can see live when EXO PLANET #4: The EℓyXiOn comes to Manila



K-pop wouldn’t be the same without its awe-inspiring productions that showcase pure talent, pure energy and pure swag. That’s the K-pop star brand for you: a dull performance is unheard of; it’s 110% or bust. With killer choreography and moves so smooth (even non-fans end up swooning), it’s the music genre determined to keep the girl and boy group fever alive. More importantly, it’s taking the globe by storm.


One K-pop group steadily making headlines is EXO, the South Korean boy group six years strong and still getting stronger. As multilingual performers and one of the biggest K-Pop groups assembled by SM Entertainment, EXO was clearly destined for world domination. And on April 28, Pinoy fans get to be part of the EXO PLANET #4 experience as the group returns to Manila for a concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.


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Concerts and music video premieres make the main event, no doubt, but we equally appreciate behind-the-scenes moments and dance practice videos. If there are more ways than one we can appreciate the dance moves of EXO, we’ll take ‘em. We’ll take 'em all.


#6YearsWithEXO means throwing it back to the “History” music video.


When even the EXO “Electric Kiss” dance practice was fire.


Then there’s this sultry dance practice video…


When comedian Yoo Jae-suk learned moves straight from EXO for the “Dancing King” music video.


This electrifying performance at the 2013 KBS Year-End Awards.


When the folks from 1MILLION Dance Studio who worked with EXO on the “Ko Ko Bop” music video taught the choreography in their studio.


This fun little sneak peek for the lucky ones who got tickets to EXO PLANET #4 The EℓyXiOn in Manila.



Join the Elyxion Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Raffle Promo for a chance to watch the multi-award winning South Korean boyband live in concert! Kai, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho, Xiumin, Chen and D.O. take the stage on April 28, 2018, Saturday, at 6pm at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in their biggest concert tour yet.


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