I Think It’s Fly When Girls Stop By: A Summer Song List For The 90’s Kid


The terms alone will bring you back



The sun has been beating down on all of us, making it hard to leave the comforts of our air-conditioned offices during lunch and mid-afternoon breaks. We look at the rare dark cloud with questions and doubt now—though it hardly ever lasts anymore anyway. But one amazing thing about summer is that it can make us all feel like we’re kids again (maybe because we never switched off our annual school’s-out alarm).


But hey, why fight it? Actually, let’s amp it up with songs that will bring us right back to more carefree (and less expensive) summers.



The All That Theme Song (1994)


Because old Nickelodeon originals (and their theme songs) will always be legit.


MMMBop (1997)



When the chorus is this catchy, it’s hard to learn the rest of the other lyrics.


Torn (1997)

Natalie Imbruglia


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Fun little mind-blowing fact? Natalie Imbruglia’s version of Torn is actually a cover from originally sung by a band called Ednaswap.


Harana (1997)

Parokya ni Edgar


For those chill nights on the beach that were made for reminiscing.


Cool Ka Lang (1997)

Prettier Than Pink


Some feel good OPM is a must.


The Boy Is Mine (1998)

Brandy & Monica


If this song doesn’t bring you back to the 90s, then the fashion, styling and overall musical video definitely will.


Summer Girls (1999)



What could possibly scream a 90s summer more than a boy band singing about girls and Abercrombie & Fitch?


Genie In a Bottle (1999)

Christina Aguilera

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We know you still know the movies.


If You Had My Love (1999)

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez looks exactly the same—as does our love for this song.


Sometimes (1999)

Britney Spears


If we ever wanted a chance to dance like Britney, this was it. It was as slow as she got back then.


Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) (2000)

Nine Days


By the time this song hit radio waves, every girl wanted to look sad in photographs and be absolutely loved for their smiles—and every boy wanted a girl like that.


A Thousand Miles (2001)

Vanessa Carlton


An open road, windows down and this song on full blast. Easily epic.


Dilemma (2002)

Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland


No matter what we do, this song will always take us back to the time when we didn’t catch Kelly Rowland texting using Excel.


Confessions Part II (2004)



Memorized word for word.


Jeepney (2004)

Sponge Cola


No one can tell a love story like a Pinoy can.


Musicians We’ll Always Miss


Sometimes we can’t help but think that being an adult sucks. But hey, when we’ve got great tunes to go back to, it doesn’t seem so bad, right?



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