Remembering Avicii: A Timeline of His Most Memorable Hits


The music lives on



The internet was caught unaware last Friday, what with the news of Swedish DJ Avicii’s death breaking. Timelines were set ablaze with throwbacks to his greatest hits and parting words to the musician. Just like that, music had lost yet another one of its stars to the skies.


Tom Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, was more than your regular DJ. Ahead of the game, he was one of the pioneers of electronic dance music, and built his career on tracks that fearlessly blended the genre with other musical influences. Soundtracks of summers past and adrenaline-inducing anthems of freedom and self-love, his songs are the sort that could be blasted through the speakers of nightclubs and large-scale music festivals just as easily as they could be played at your local gym.


In the spirit of nostalgia and playlists past, we recount some of Avicii’s greatest musical feats.


2011: Levels


While Bergling first broke into the Billboard Charts in 2010 with Seek Bromance under a different stage name, 2011 hit Levels is arguably the track that put him on the map. An EDM classic with a progressive beat and a single verse that rings familiar to anyone who hears it, Levels went platinum in 10 countries and made it to the Top 10 of music charts across 15 countries.


2013: Wake Me Up


Having gone platinum 6 times and with 1.5 billion YouTube views to its name, Wake Me Up is undeniably Avicii’s best-known track. A favorite among fans and casual listeners alike, the 2013 chart-topper ties together vocals by Aloe Black and an exciting beat punctuated by Mumford and Sons-esque guitar riffs to introduce folktronica—a criss-cross of EDM, country and soul—to his body of work.


2013: Hey Brother


Like Wake Me Up, Hey Brother is another hit off Avicii’s debut studio album. Not your typical EDM track, this song picks up country influences and doesn’t sound much like a dance song at all until the first chorus kicks in. While already sentimental on its own, the music video for Hey Brother brings even more to the table with a story of two brothers growing up during a time of war.


2014: The Nights


By 2014, Avicii had built a reputation for his experimental take on EDM. The Nights, a quintessential party anthem that builds off the familiar folk sound found in his previous singles, became one of Avicii’s most loved songs. A musical take on the concept of You Only Live Once, The Nights is the kind of track we find ourselves pumping through our car speakers when we need a little courage.


2017: Lonely Together (feat. Rita Ora)


The last Avicii track to cause a ripple across the music industry before his death was his collaboration with singer Rita Ora and producer Cashmere Cat. Easy to listen to and difficult not to sway along with, Lonely Together finds footing in its catchy melody and that classic beat drop we simply can’t say no to.


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