What To Expect From Katy Perry’s Witness: The Tour


Katy Perry has made a visual masterpiece of her tour, from the outfits to the stage. Details below



Coming off the successful release of her fourth studio album, Witness, Katy Perry is set to bring its concert tour counterpart to the Philippines on April 2, 2018. This is Katy’s fourth round in the Philippines, following Hello Katy Tour in 2009, California Dreams Tour in 2012 and The Prismatic Tour in 2015.


After rocking the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds and the Philippine Arena with her eye-popping stage design and colorful outfits, she’s now bringing Witness to the Mall of Asia Arena. Journalists have described this world tour to be Katy’s biggest one yet, calling it an “imaginative trip from outer-space to inner-space, from the plants to the bottom of our oceans and a musical journey through Katy Perry’s biggest milestones and mega hits right up to her latest album.”



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If you’re seeing her concert, here are some things you can look forward to:


1. Delightfully outrageous outfits

Image via Billboard


Ever since Teenage Dream, Katy’s been known to always think outside of the box when it comes to her concert outfits. From head-to-toe sparkles to out-of-this-world bodysuits and a blue wig paired with bubblegum makeup, you never know what you’re going to get.


Aside from the lewks though, one should pay attention to the outstanding headpieces that make her looks—some you wouldn’t even think were wearable. And certainly, Katy isn’t about to shy away from that and more.


2. More than energetic performance

Image via The Salt Lake Tribune


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Despite her hectic schedule juggling an American Idol stint and this world tour, Katy put in the time to rehearse and serve outstanding vocals in every performance. Expect nothing but electric energy from the artist!


And while her upbeat performances surpass eexpectations, the slowed-down acoustic performance of Thinking Of You is also a must and is quite the tearjeker, too, from what we've heard.


3. Superb production 

Image via The NY Times


Meanwhile, one can see true mastery of production in every detail as in the execution of Witness: The Tour.  From larger-than-life eyeballs and hands to a legit basketball court, this concert is sure to have it all.


There are also unexpected, sometimes random elements to look forward to: a rolling dice and an appearance from Left Shark (yes, from the Super Bowl halftime performance).


Our minds are blown just looking at pictures from the first couple of legs of her tour.


4. Classic hits

Image via On Stage Magazine


Katy's latest hits include Swish Swish, Bon Appetit and Chained To The Rhythm and we can't wait to witness ear candy come to life.


But wait there's more. Katy is also expected to sing some of her best-loved chart-toppers: Firework, Hot N Cold, Thinking Of You, California Girls and Roar


As for the inside scoop? Firework might be an encore. So should you expect some real fireworks? Well, it’s Katy Perry, be prepared to whip out that camera. 



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Witness: The Tour boasts a 24-song set list, electric performances, outrageously cute outfits and more. KatyCats, it's a once-in-a -lifetime experience you just can't miss.