What You Need To Prepare But Didn’t Know You Should For Harry Styles Live On Tour


You waited almost a year for this to happen, you best be prepared



Styles fans, brace yourselves. Harry Styles Live On Tour is happening in less than two weeks! We’re sure you’ve had Sign of the Times and Kiwi on repeat but now is the time to just get lost in every song in his self-titled album. Cause you never know—gasp!—you might just be called on that concert stage to sing along with Harry. Hey, it could happen so you best be prepared.


Here are more ways to prepare for Harry Styles Live on Tour!



1 Go extra for Harry.

Harry Styles is known for his rock n’ roll style so you might want to go extra and a little bit of it in your go-to oufit. How?


Wear pink


Wear one of his fav prints

(you know, plaid, houndstooth, pinstripes, etc.)



Girl, bring your own bottle and make Harry Styles proud. It’ll also keep you hydrated as you sing your heart out


3 Juice up

Don’t be that friend that doesn’t bring his or her own powerbank. Charge that phone and bring your own powerbank so you can capture every beautiful Harry Styles moment—but don’t forget to just live in the moment, too


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4 Breath mints

Again, you never know, you might just catch Harry post-concert and we’re sure you’d want to smell minty fresh


5 Only if you have one—a polaroid cam

The best part, you can have him autograph it!!!



6 Wipes, tissue, sanitizer

Concerts can get messy and bathrooms can get really, really dirty. No further explanations needed


7 Everything you need to know about Harry Styles

You never know when instant references might come in handy, so…:


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Harry Styles Live on Tour is happening May 1, 2018 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Follow @enjoyglobe on Twitter for live updates on the big day.