5 Trendy Things To Stuff Your Closet With in 2017


There are fun twists to the clothes you already love



A new year is just around the corner and that means new season and the pieces from Fashion Week all over the world will finally hit the racks. A number of designers took inspiration from the big and bold silhouettes of the ’80s; but before you dismiss their creations as outdated or theatrical—even costume-y—know that more modern tastes and sensibilities were also in play to fit the cosmopolitan female’s lifestyle. Whether or not you’re the type to follow trends, here’s a list of fashion articles you’ll most likely love in 2017 and even in the years after.


1. Bralettes


Bralettes are the cute, stylish and sophisticatedly sexy version of bras. Without cups and underwires, bralettes can be designed with a lot of lace with scallop trimming or with crisscrossing straps on the backside or chest area. You can show off your neckline by wearing them as your main top or as undergarments you can flaunt under oversized shirts or knit sweaters. (Here’s a caveat though: they might not give ample support to Ds or DDs.)


2. Rose Ensembles


Think pink! While it’s done being Pantone’s color of the year, fashion isn’t over rose quartz or anything pink (was it ever?). For 2017, though, the hot shade of pink will be fuchsia—so hot that designers like Valentino layered pink on pink on the runway. Of course, you can still wear lighter, more understated, shades of pink. There’s enough pink in the world to suit your skin tone and outfit.


3. Off-Shoulder Tops or Styling


Showing two shoulders is so 2016. 2017 is about showing just one for that effortless, cool look. Be onboard with one-shoulder dresses or tops—a knotted neckline is chic and classy—or by “sloppily” styling your button-downs or pull-overs to bare a clavicle.


4. Sheer Outfits


What a way to supplement bralettes, if you’re going for a sultry look. But you can opt to wear lace, mesh, or translucent fabrics like organza with a little more coverage by wearing a tank underneath or wearing a blouse over the delicate see-throughs.


5. Ruffles


Ruffles can be intimidating, especially when they’re over the top. But ruffled tops can take a casual, relaxed vibe to a more polished and sophisticated one. If you’re lazy to dress up or want a quick and easy way to bring more power to your look, ruffled necklines or ruffled sleeves are the pieces for you.






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