Style Hack: The One Accessory That Can Take Your Look To The Next Level


It’s amazing what you can do with something so simple



Ever stood in front of the mirror and liked your outfit, but knew something was missing? Like your dress made you look and feel great, your makeup was on point and your hair was finally cooperating, but you still needed something to tie it all together? We know the feeling and, more importantly, we know the answer. It’s easy, read: black ribbon.


Keep It Minimal


If you don’t need any extra bling and don’t want to take attention away from the rest of your ensemble, then just tie a ribbon around your neck—but not tightly. Your entire look will instantly be elevated and you’ll look much more put together. Sometimes it’s the little things.


Make A Bow

On the other hand, if you want to add a little bit of flair to the accessory, then you can tie the ribbon around your neck with the bow facing the front. It’ll soften your look somehow, but not without that bit of edge.


Put A Charm On It


For a little bit of sparkle, you can include a charm on the ribbon. It might take some time to insert the ribbon on the clasp, but the result will be worth that little bit of difficulty. To make it easier, use a needle with some tied thread, pull it through the ribbon and then the clasp and you’re good to go.


Play With Widths And Color

The great thing about using a plain ribbon instead of an actual choker is that you can easily change it up for a lower cost. You can opt for a thinner ribbon one day and a thicker one the next, depending on what would look best with your outfit. And if black is a little too harsh for you, then you can experiment with different colors and patterns as well. Mix and match. 



The best thing, however, is that no matter what you choose to do with it, that simple (black) ribbon is a no-fail way to take your look to the next level. And of course, if you don’t prefer to DIY, you can always purchase an entire set of 8 choker pieces on Lazada instead.